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Workshops around the work of Mauricio Kagel

June 20-24, 2012

Bronisław Rutkowski Music School in Cracow

We took the works of Mauricio Kagel as the starting point for creative activities with young people from music schools and general education schools. His music, composed at the crossroads of cultures, creates excellent conditions for creative cooperation. Professional musicians and teachers also took part in the workshops, thanks to which they gained experience useful in their further pedagogical work. The culmination of the workshop was a concert with the music of Mauricio Kagel, Witold Szalonek and Tadeusz Wielecki, preceded by a lecture by Melvyn Poore, tuba player of the musikFabrik band from Cologne, who talked about the effects of similar activities in Germany. The pieces were prepared by both professional musicians and young people from the Bronislaw Rutkowski Primary and Secondary Music School.

Concert programme
June 25, 2012, “Florianka” ul. Basztowa 8, 6pm

Tadeusz Wielecki – Gears, Springs, Gears (first performance)
Anna Kwiatkowska – violin and Andrzej Olechowski – guitar

Tadeusz Wielecki – Subjective Model for viola, tuba and school orchestra
Melvyn Poore – tuba, Axel Porath – viola
Youth from the Music School at Józefińska in Krakow

Presentation of the results of workshops on Die Stücke der Windrose – young people from music and general schools

Witold Szalonek – Gingerbread for tuba
Melvyn Poore – tuba

Mauricio Kagel – Die Stücke der Windrose: Norden and Nordwesten
Cracow Salon Orchestra Mauricio Kagel,
Szymon Bywalec – conductor